Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A chat with Brian Sniggle

Asked Oli tonight what he'd ask for if I could get him any gift in the world. After some discussions of the lack of limit on the gift, he stated:

A space craft fitted with (and I quote):
light speed
time travel
material replication
sophisticated environmental sensors
holographic imaging devices
robot helpers
teleportation devices
sophisticated computers capable of calculating any number of algorithms instantly
sophisticated medical facilities capable of prolonging his life and others

and with the ability to:
solve all of mankind's technicological and environmental concerns
predict natural disasters
create sustainable technologies

When I explained that I had meant something that actually exists he said:

I guess what you said, free flights.
Or like a really good computer or camera. Maybe a house?

What a weirdo.

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Caleb said...

An atomic powered submarine staffed by big-titted hookers.