Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photos: A memo

In the last years I have repeatedly attempted to backup our favorite photos online. I failed to complete or even start this mission many times. The last time it was actually due to technical difficulties experienced on Webshots.

A few months ago I was dreaming aloud to our Romanian flatmates (who had not yet realized they should run when I start rambling) that I would love to create a web interface in which one could organize his or her life, being able to access diary entries, photos, videos, notes, etc by category or date with the click of a button. One's whole life recorded digitally. Ah.

The next day I realized every tool I wanted was offered by Google and that even though the interface (accounts homepage) is clunky, it would be easier to use their tools than to create my own website or software.

Thus, I direct you to to view my growing photo archive. I've also added some albums to Facebook, for those who partake. This link has replaced former ones in our blog sidebar.

1 comment:

Caleb said...

God, those albums make you realize how fast Lily has grown.