Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

It’s been an eventful several weeks here during which we have enjoyed visitors and travels, lost our digital camera (the third we’ve been through in just over a year) and lost our strong free wi-fi connection in the house. I found myself in a position with a lot to say and show but no media through which to do so. Thus, the several posts I make today using a weak wi-fi signal we can obtain by resting the laptop on our bedroom window ledge.

It was Easter yesterday and I felt a nibble of guilt all day knowing we wouldn’t do anything Eastery – no Easter bonnets, hearing the story at church, family gathering, not even a ham. What we did do was stay in most of the day, putting all the mattresses, couch cushions and pillows in the house on the family room floor, creating a massive play area on which we made Play-doh creations, landed our radio-controlled helicopter, raced Crayola snails we decorated ourselves, did somersaults, drove Thomas the Tank Engine, had a picnic and watched recent Lost episodes. More of a name-brand orgy than a religious holiday but at least the Play-doh did come in plastic Easter eggs.

Even though we don’t go to church regularly, I do want to teach Lily the Easter story next year, mostly because it was a part of my childhood that I found meaningful.

I hope all the family gathering at my parents’ house enjoyed the company and the feast. A big kiss from us three. Mwah.

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