Monday, August 13, 2007

We're alive...

...and in good old Milford.

Flights and all were fine (Aer Lingus is GREAT; service was excellent and the planes state-of-the-art), though we did miss our connecting flight and ended up spending three extra hours in Shannon, Ireland, but not really a problem. Oddly, Shannon seems like the American place to lay over. There were Americans everywhere and passengers on US-bound flights go through US customs and border patrol in Shannon before boarding, so in a way, it is treated as a domestic US you know.

On Friday Oli’s olderst brother Alex and his daughter Hannah (20 months old) came over to play. The girls got on very well; Lily pushed Hannah on the swing and Hannah kept bringing Lily her sippy cup whenever she came upon it. On Saturday friends Charlotte and Mal came over with their respective sprogs, Hermione (almost 19 months old) and Aldous (3 months old). Lily was pretty fragile this day.

Buckleigh House has turned into a real child’s paradise with toys and books ‘round every corner inside, and outside a sand play table (like in pre-school), swing, slide and pop-up gazebo.

Last night Lisa (Oli’s mom) and I went on a bike ride and she showed me all the sites of stories I have heard – the Seeley’s old house, the theatre where Oli did pantomine and Lisa directed plays, a friend’s house in the woods where Oli spent much of his youth. I have to say, it is so beautiful around here and the weather is so cool and balmy right now, I felt pretty Jane Austen-y sitting up straight on my bike, whizzing down hills in the woods and coming out on big golden fields bathed in sunset. The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that is causing several paths to be blocked off also adds to that Olde England feel.

Today Oli and Lily are in Brighton and I am home alone doing Spain research...and posting to the blog.

I’m starting to feel all nostalgic and old and sad and strange about what mine and Oli’s relationship and plans mean for our relationships with our own families and friends. Makes me feel a bit numb and unable to write properly, thus the simple factoids above. I’ll write more when I’m less jet lagged (still am after a few days of being here and after a month of house-moving activities) and more clearly introspective.



Maiasaura said...

Yea!! Thanks for posting, Angela!

First, did your friends name their kids after Harry Potter characters? Or would they hate me asking that question as much as I hate people asking me if I named my boys after the Chipmunks?

Second, your description of riding through town with Oli's mum gave me chills. I can imagine the whole thing must feel very other-worldly.

I'm looking forward to future posts. But, for what it's worth, I thought your words and thoughts in this one were pretty clear.

Hope your body gets adjusted and rested up soon. Not just so you feel better, but so you can write more.

Megan said...

Hey Ange! Nice to know you are all safe and sound. Can't wait to see you guys. Are you going to be coming up to London to visit with Kevin this weekend? You got my number, gimme a call! :)

Maiasaura said...

oh, just remembered the wizard in harry potter is alBous, not aldous. still, it's close.

Caleb said...

Glad to hear all is Britishy.

Colin said...

yea! Good to hear that you're safely nestled across the sea.

Cass said...

what in the world is foot-and-mouth disease? google here i come.