Saturday, August 18, 2007


Running out the door in a moment with Oli to head to Brighton for a music festival we will spend the day at with Chicago friend Kevin Rooney (saved up some money, quit job and is now traveling 'round Europe for some months) as well as Milford friends Ben Milner and Michael McAndrew.

Lily is out looking for blackberries in the woods with Nana Lisa and Papa Ray is out for a walk somewhere else.

We're thinking we'll be heading back to Barcelona in September in order to make the transition easier on ourselves, since we are already familiar with how things work there. It's a little unrealistic to just pick a town in Spain and move there when we're not even in Spain right now! So we'll do some further traveling on weekends once we're settled to see if there are any smaller places we'd like to try. We've found a house with a yard that we are very interested to rent in Barcelona and I am most likely flying out on Monday or Tuesday to handle those arrangements. (Anyone in Barca want to put me up?)

Otherwise, the Milfrod Kr├╝ met up last night from their unique corners of the world and fun was had.

More later this week when we go on a canal boat trip to celebrate Nana Lisa's birthday, which was this past Thursday.



Colin said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast! Glad to hear Rooney made it in one piece. Miss you all very much.

Megan said...

Marty will be v jealous of the canal boat party. It is one of his things on his to do list. See you soon. Next month, maybe?