Tuesday, May 22, 2007

bloggidy bloggy blog blog blog

Someone keeps harrassing with me emails and texts telling me to write more blog entries. I am hearby stating to that person that I will not give in, not now, not ever - I shall not write ANY blog entries. Leave me alone. Please.

In other news, Angela and I are going to Summer Camp music festival this Thursday to see Umphrey's McGee, Tea Pot Green and a host of other unmemorable bands. I'll be volunteering at Lollapalooza this year, and you can too, simply by signing up on their website. Ummm what else...considering getting an SLR, not going to Panama can't afford it, might go to California camping in a camper van, there's a hole in the living room floor, getting ready to move to Europe in a few months ...if you need stuff to fill your apartment with, such as a round bed, a butcher block, papa-san chair with stool, TV, N64 with MarioKart and GoldenEye, anything and everything really, put your bids in now, 'cause we got a lot of stuff to be rid of and if you can pick it up it's yours.

Listened to the Wilco and Decemberist and haven't listened to them again since. nuff said.


Colin said...

your lack of musical tastes that are similar to mine continues to break my heart.
Dibs on the papa-san chair.

Premier League Wednesday?

Oliver said...

Yo! Papa-San is yours, just take care of her. That's all.

Oliver said...

It's not that I don't rate Wilco, it's just that we haven't clicked yet, and the new album was a tad boring, I thought. The decemberists are painful and remind me of being 16 and thinking I knew everything.

Martin K. said...

I agree with you about the Decemberists, Oli. They don't remind me of being 16 at all, but if I ever hear another 12 minute whine-fest about a mariner I'll do something I'll regret.. we'll all regret.

The Tricyclist said...

i want to hear the story (if there is one) about the hole in the floor.

i believe we received harrassing emails from the same individual about blogging more. i gave in sooner than you. i'm weak, so so weak.

also, what's an slr?

Oliver said...

Lily and I were enjoying one of our morning dance sessions, and simply, I put my foot through the floor boards and created a hole.

An SLR is a type of camera . I wanna get a digital SLR. I don't know what SLR means but they're the cameras that make you look like you know what you're doing if you wear it round your neck and put a massive lense on it.

Bethany said...

single lens reflex-I bought one a few years ago and love it. It takes beautiful pictures-don't know why really. The only problems I find with it is that it is large and will not fit into most of my purses/bags and I look like a tourist with it-except at family gatherings etc. Buy one!
-Bethany (Colin's sister)