Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Oli and I are correcting high school students' resumes. Here are some gems:

As a bullet point describing a recent position held:
- Work together to create globe on how to solve global warming
- Experiences kinds of different evasive species

Under Skills:
- Good communicator skills

Another student's Skills section:
- I communicate pretty well

Under Interests on another:
- Baseball
- Reading manga
- Watching anime
- Computers

Another description of a recent position:
- discussed about the earth
- took "fieldtrips"
- cut down bushes
- cleaned the earth

And on a slightly darker note:
- Education: 2 years of high school - planning on graduating


Dow Jones said...

I love "took 'fieldtrips'".

The Tricyclist said...

"good communicator skills"

could this be a g-dub reference? sounds like something he would say.

potunky said...

Don't touch anyone who lists computers as a hobby.

Caleb said...

"Cut down bushes" is it's own thought. No explanation why or when, it's just something that was accomplished.