Friday, January 12, 2007


Thank you again Janice for yet another lovely lily gift; these are the photos you've been dying for.

Lily's 3 weeks in the UK heralded in a new phase of being and these shots examine her new more capable and powerful self. The images confront the viewer with a strange juxtaposition; near-identical shots, each a unique portrait of child in constant flux, presented in an order that opposes the conventional chronology found in similar works. This is Lily at her most beautiful, and contrastly, her most monstrous.


Anonymous said...

i heard about your lovely puke-fest vacation. hope all is well in the Seeley's bellies this week.

Anonymous said...

Oli, I think you should look for a job as an art curator. A trip to the tate modern would be so much more enjoyable with your commentary on the little bits of card stuck on the wall beside the art work.

Oliver said...

Thank you, but I genuinly despise those bits of card and their menaningless drivel. Though, as you were right to point out, I was trying to emulate them.