Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stolen cars and terrorist attacks

This afternoon, our car was not parked where it had been parked several hours earlier. Now, we've had the car towed on a number of occasions. Once in Barcelona when all our stuff was in it and one time here in Chicago when it was parked on a road due for some construction - on this occasion the tow truck just moved it down the street for us.

Today, there was no road construction, there was no street cleaning, and there was no car. We reported the stolen vehicle to the police, notified the insurance company and contacted the city just to make sure it hadn't been towed (and it hadn't). We were just getting used to the idea of some insurance money and being car-free when Angela found it awkwardly parked down the street a bit. Bollocks.

In further news, downtown Chicago was yesterday the victim of a brutal terrorist attack. That is if you believe my videos.

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Katie said...

You're officially old folks now...my dad has done the same thing three times