Thursday, August 24, 2006

The car is fucked

Some bastard, some tow truck bastard has fucked up our car. I wish they had bloody stolen it instead of leaving us with a undriveable piece of junk that will cost more money than we have to fix. I am very upset by this whole episode.

As you can see in this picture, something is very seriously wrong. Though, if anyone actually knows anything about cars please feel free to comment.


potunky said...

That pipe thing at the back has broken and is dragging along the floor.

That'll be $600.

Sam said...

James and I spent hours fixing that very problem on his car (exhaust dragging-ness). We tried angle grinding bits off, fixing bits on pulling bits out and poking bits in. In the end we attached it back on with a piece of rubber designed for the job we got in Halfords.

We did a very bad job though and it broke in a couple of weeks! We did have fun trying to fix it!

Oliver said...

It doesn't sound very fun.
The car is gone for repair now. We'll see if the experts use a rubber band too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need a new exhaust & muffler (as the Yanks call it - silencer to you)

Surely this wasn't the tow trucks guys, just some vandal?


Oliver said...

It was the the tow truck people. Any vandal would surely have just left the car where it was and vandalised in situ.

And it must have been the tow trucks who moved it because any vandal/thief would have to have broken in to the car to move it. Yet, there is no evidence of this.