Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lily this is Goldie, Goldie this is Lily

Lily and I were just enjoying the arrival of Wayne Rooney on the pitch against Trinidad & Tobago when I saw someone familiar lingering outside the pub. I stared at him for a moment unable to decide if it really was him or not but when he caught my eye, winked, and came over I knew it was Goldie. I introduced Lily and Goldie and we chatted about her age and the game and so on. Goldie said he was in Chicago because that's where his girlfriend lived.

Fortunately, England were spared a humilating scoreline thanks to some late goals by Crouch and Gerrard. T&T played extremely well and had enough chances to have secured a very different scoreline. I think that for once it seemed that Errikson's substitutions made all the difference. Hopefully now that we're through to the quarter finals we can expect to see Walcott come on against Sweden at some point.

Lily did not like all the shouting during the game and it made her cry. It was the shouting following near misses that upset her but interestingly the cheers of joy after our goals did not affect her at all. She is a true England fan; it was not the noise that annoyed her but England's missed opportunities.


Saving English said...

I'm still waiting to see the Mr T video

Sam said...

Well he's not Mr T, but it's a pretty close second as far as I'm concerned!

And yes, I need to see the wedding video too!