Friday, June 09, 2006

England, football, lager!

If you hadn't noticed, the World Cup has begun. In what many Americans are describing as "anamolous and slightly confusing", and unlike the World Series in Baseball, this competition actually includes teams from all over the world. England, this year, are destined to win. It is impossible not to conceive, however, being beaten by teams such as Trinidad and Tobago and losing on penalties to either Germany or Argentina (our traditional foes) in an agonising quarter final. They key to our success will be in conceading early goals in big games. It may seem counter intuititive but the alternative, as shown by games against Argentina and Brazil in 2002 and France and Portugal in 2004, clearly does not work.

And not to make too much fun of Americans it must be noted that in the last World Cup the USA equalled England's performance by reaching the quarter finals.


potunky said...

Hell, yeah.

The last major tournament (Euro '04) Colly was in the U of K. He's good to watch football with so bring him over. He's practically an honorary fan.

Make sure he brings beer.

Sam said...

I may be muggy-bonehead, but once every 4 years I become football!


Ironside said...

Hey, Trinidad and Tobago will beat England 2-1. Cause they got the skills, and england got da bills!!