Friday, December 07, 2012

Our first Christmas tree

We always spend Christmas at someone else's house, so we've never had our own tree. This year we wanted one!

This is a four-day weekend with Thursday and Friday off school and work. On Wednesday while Lili was at school Oli and I made a last-minute decision to buy the tree and accessories that evening after he and Lili came home from teaching an English class to some of her friends.

Josie and I met them up at a plaza near our house and we went out for a tree, some new lights and some more ornaments (Even though we never had a Christmas tree, we used to hang ornaments from our ceiling or on our lemon tree.) It was, of course the windiest and coldest night and Josie was teething, but at least the Christmas lights in our neighborhood were nice and Lili was excited.

We put it up the next day while Josie was napping. Josie didn't seem too bothered or excited when she woke up. She just shouted 'This?!' repeatedly at it.

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