Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lili's 6th birthday, take 1

Lili seems to have multiple birthday celebrations each year.

This year party one was a get together with her best school girlfriends to make 'stained glass' candle holders from recycled glass jars and tissue paper - which I messed up by accidentally buying crepe paper...that was being sold in tissue paper shape. Boo.

Oh well, the girls didn't care and we all had fun.

After the activity, chocolate-filled croissants and juice, we headed downstairs and outside to our patio where the girls, each dressed in one of Lili's princess dresses, skated around on the in-line skates and scooters they had all brought along.

Despite some histrionics from Lili when I let her best friend wear one of Lili's favorite real dresses, which she had forgotten she owned (we were one princess dress short), and the general complications involved in managing 9 little girls and moving them from outside, to the 11th floor, and back out again, fun was had.

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