Sunday, February 20, 2011

Angela's Saturday afternoon paella recipe

Start with lots of fish broth and non-long-grain rice. (Rice not pictured.)

Heat some olive oil and grated garlic in a pan. Paella pan preferable. After a minute, add rice and fish broth. 1x rice to 2x broth. Med-high heat.

Add some tomato slices.

Add small prawns. (If you learn that rice takes 900 years to cook on your stove, as we have learned on ours, you can add these guys later so they don't get over-cooked.)

Add saffron.

Add frozen peas. Or regular ones.

Have a beer.

Like this.

Go do some laundry.

Keep adding fish broth and rotating the pan until the damn rice is almost ready. Add mussels. These are open because they were leftover from dinner the night before and are just being re-heated by the steam. Not sure how advisable that is.

Add cockles.

Cover and when your shelled items are open, it's ready!

Feed to undeserving but cute people.


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TaylorStreet said...

awesome! I'll have to try that. I've got the beer part down, but the rest i can probably handle too.