Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taller de camisetas

Lily and I were invited to this event (It's a shirt-making workshop):

It involved everyone buying or recycling blank shirts and bringing buttons, cloth scraps and fabric paint to spend an afternoon making improved shirts. There was some awesome stuff made (I await images via Facebook).

I mostly supported Lily as she made this:

...while intermittently speaking to people and trying to focus my thoughts. Very late in the game I came up with this:

It's not so amazing, which was difficult for me to bear since everyone was making such cool things, and it's not even finished, but, I ripped up an old stained shirt of Lily's that had a print I liked in order to make the white arrow. So, it's sentimental. And recycled. At the same time.

PS - I want a sewing machine for Christmas, Santa.

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Eloy said...

Sewing machine for Christmas, eh? Done and done.
Love S.Claus