Thursday, January 15, 2009

HmWha? A post about Lily? That's cwazy.

Lily and I went to see El Show de Barrio Sésamo at an old theatre downtown tonight.

She got a big kick out of the performance but for me, the highlight of the evening was Lil dressed in a lovely gown topped with a ruffled jacket, walking down a dimly lit red velvety passageway in the theatre, looking at me with a delicate smile and saying, "I'm farting right now, Mummy."

She giggles and tells me her fart status quite often these days.

She's begun a really great new stage which has seen her eating meals without any fuss (we give credit to us and a new approach we tried on the meal problem but it could be that she just got older), taking great interest in the physical workings of the world, being easygoing, and just generally being cool and adorable.

She had the first dance class yesterday at the civic center next door. Quickly obvious that we need to wait at least six months before she'll be ready to do it, but it was a positive experience for her over all. Also positive for me because the fee was refundable. In all seriousness I was very proud of Lil for how well she conducted herself during the class even though she was nervous. She never joined the group, nor did the other three-year-old who had turned up, but was really interested and talked a lot about what she watched. Humorously, a common question was, "Why are they doing that?" I guess it would be pretty hard to get how flexing and pointing your toes 50 times or pretending to be dogs on all fours is somehow related to the ballet she's seen in books and on TV. Anyway, Lily agreed that she didn't want to continue for now but wants to try again when she's bigger.

Has anyone else noticed all my recent posts are only about Lily? I need to diversify.



Matthew said...

It's true, she is more adorable now! She doesn't scream at breakfast and wake me up, and she plays with me and thinks things through and asks nicely and crying is not her first resort for something she wants, and she's generally all round wonderful. I think all your posts should be only about Lily - except maybe half a line each time on me, that'd be great thanks bye

Oliver said...

who is this guy?

Jay M. said...

Eh. I think it's fair to have lots of content on Lilly. You've got a constant source of amusement, wonder, and stress.

But I won't complain if you mention other things here and there.

Caleb said...

Please tell me she actually pronounces it "Mummy", as in an undead Egyptian chasing Abbot and Costello around. That is adorable.