Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The cost of freedom

I depart for Chicago via Munich today at 7:55am (It's 5:50 right now). I've spent the last two days cooking, buying gifts, cleaning and writing instructions for Oli regarding Lily's school routines. Here you see some unappetizing photos of:

Roast chicken (good for sandwich making or slathering with mashed potato);

Sweet potato and pork stew (A Hartrich Family Cookbook find) in an unappealing plastic container;

At the end of the two days I have left a fridge o' food: In addition to the above, includes Minestrone soup (Best with crusty bread and butter. Mm. Had some tonight.), mince for shepherd's pie, mountains of Greek yogurts (for Oli) and fruit puree cups (Lily), serrano and cooked hams for sandwiches, peach juice boxes for after school. There's also some warm apple/carrot cake on the counter.

Notey McNotersons.

Gifts and things to share at parties, comprised of Spanish/Catalan cava, wines, canned seafoods, and baked goods, as well as Kinder chocolates.

Thusly, through household preparation, I buy myself 5 days in Chicago celebrating Brian's wedding with the rest of the extended Taylor Street crew.


Lily got some new clay today when we went to this learning toys shop Abacus with another mom and kid from school (Arlene and Gerard, we've been spending our afternoons with them regularly). Here she is 'cooking' it while wearing an improvised apron of bib and tea towel.


Went for a nice cycle ride to Plaza Tripi on Sunday on the Bicing bikes.


Matthew said...

The Bicing photos are great, and now everyone can read on the whiteboard how much we desperately needed English Breakfast Tea Bags (again).

Colin said...

can't wait to see you!!