Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I've just finished showering and making myself look beautiful before I go pick Lily and Oli up at the airport.....and now I've just walked into an open cupboard while making soup. I had to be going at least 30 miles an hour. And now a gross vertical white line is rising out of my forehead.

The old ladies are going to love asking me about this tomorrow morning when I pass them on their bench.


Megan said...

just in time for your Birthday! :( Happy Birthday, btw. See you next weekend!

sir henry oglepants said...

Scars get the boys. I'd try and massage a bruise into my face, maybe give myself a black eye and then when i walked past those crazy old bats say "Isn't it great? I've never been more in love!" Chances are they haven't read any David Sedaris so it could be funny. happy birthday yo.