Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When the going gets tough, go to Almería

So we almost lost our nerve and just moved to London last week.
More on that later.

Over the weekend, Oli and I met up in the south of Spain and we went on a long-time-in-the-making holiday to Almería with the Milford Krü:

The Anadlucians were really wondering what we guiris were doing when orchestrating that beach photo.

We are rejuvenated and back at it, me in BCN, Ol and Lil in England...but they´ll be joining me in just a couple days.....and the flat prospects are looking good...again.


Jay M. said...

Wow. Now I know why you wanted to live there.

Colin said...

hope all is well, looks like much fun. Miss you guys a lot!