Thursday, July 05, 2007


Lily has grown about 4 inches and learned about 20 new things since we last saw her a week ago.

She was staying part of the week with my sister and her family and the other part of the week with my parents and brother, and it seems everyone had a great time with her and that she pretty much didn't miss us.

Noteworthy bits of Lily's week away from us include:

- Spending lots of time with my dad (Papa Lee). They went shopping all kinds of places (Target, Walgreens, Jewel) together and now Lily calls him "Papa", which is pretty cool because when Oli's parents just visited, she got to calling Oli's dad Ray "Papa" as well.

- Everyone in the family taking to calling Lily's blanket "Titi" because that's what she calls it. When she was sad, my niece and nephew would yell to my sister, "Mom, get Titi!"

- Getting closer to my sister and finally warming up to my brother-in-law Nick (Unky Neecho - because my sister calls him "Neecholas" instead of "Nicholas" sometimes); I hear she was being pretty playful with him, hiding behind corners and jumping out at him.

- Family members working on getting Lil to say "gracias," which we hear she managed once, and on recognizing the parts of her face, which she has a 50/50 record on.

- Becoming best buddies with my nephew Jacob. Lily has been calling him "Jakey" for some time now, and with him being the little caregiver he is, it didn't take long for them to become inseparable.

Overall then, it was a restorative week for us the parents and she the child, and everyone else seems to have had a swell time, too. ~


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good luck in thspain that girl will be calling you madre or su pequana mamicita in no time.