Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fair play

So a certain 5-year-old child we shall not name often gives my niece and nephew a hard time, and my sister has a hard time with this child's mom. The child constatly yanks things out of Jake and Marisa's hands and the mother always replies with, "Let's just let her have it. That's one of her/his favorite toys," instead of doing some gosh darn parenting. When Jake or Marisa ask to play with certain toys, this child generally says no, and the mother doesn't encourage sharing (Some times sharing is a crock and kids should be allowed to say no, but this a pretty extreme case). My sister tries to let the kids battle it out themselves and not to say too much (unless things get physical), espcially because if she says anything, the other mom gets upset that someone has criticized the child.

So after an afternoon of having things taken from their hands and being told they couldn't play with anything, when the kids got in the car and my sister asked if they had fun, they immediately complained about this kid. My nephew Jake told his sister, "You know what we should do, Marisa?! When - comes to our house next time, we should put an electric fence around our toys and each time - goes to grab a toy s/he'll get zapped, and then s/he'll learn not to play with OUR toys!"

What a Jake.


Oliver said...

Ahhhh, everyone else is a bad parent except me. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Oliver said...

But, I agree, little Brian Sniggle (of Creepy Crawley, Lockport) is spoilt brat.

The Tricyclist said...

This story reminds me of how hard it can be to find friends with kids. You have to like the parent as a person and as a parent, and your kids have to like their kids. That's a lot of factors to consider, and, in our experience, it's rare to find a good match between parents and children. That's why we love you guys so much!

Vote Sniggle in '08.

Angela said...

Laura - A credit to your memory for remembering the Brain Sniggle story. He's already got my vote.