Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nellie McKay

A few years ago I took a walk to Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue and ended up buying a CD that was on the $10 rack because I liked the cover. It was a two-disk set by a girl named Nellie McKay, and ended up being one of my favorite buys ever.

I still listen to Nellie regularly and as I was transferring my music into my new mac, I thought to look up where Nellie is now:

I learned that Nellie had been interviewd on NPR when the album I had, entitled Get Away From Me, was released. On their site you can listen to the interview in which she sings live playing the piano, and you can hear that she really can sing as well and as in control as she does on the album. NPR also has some of her songs:



Julian said...

Hey that's awesome that you dig her. She's actually going to do a live show for an NPR program tomorrow night too. I was just using a blog search to see if anything new about Nellie came up and your post came up.

Check out to actually find some stuff on Nellie. The .com site is her former label and hasn't been updated in forever, she doesn't have an official site right now.

Pura Vida!

Ben said...

What a voice!