Friday, February 16, 2007

A major award

For those A Christmas Story fans, you'll know that when I say I received a major award at work today, I mean a lamp in the shape of a fish-net-stockinged leg.

But lamp or no lamp, I did get an award at work today: The WOW Award.

I was doing work as usual at my desk when at 2pm a mass of 6 people with balloons, bells, flashy pins, a certificate and a photographer walked in whispering to me, "We're here for Angela. Where is she?" I told them I was me and then everything went into slow motion, like when a crime takes place or you're in a car accident.

Bells started ringing, a gold star balloon was thrust into my hand, I was pinned and handed a flashing light-up UIC star that can clip onto things, like an iPod shuffle. "You've received a WOW Award!!!" Co-workers from throughout the building, about 20, popped out of doorways and crowded around my desk. It seemes that everyone was hanging around waiting for this crew of dementedly happy people to come get me, I mean, award me. The award crew read the things that our director of development and my boss had written to nominate me, I made a few witty comments and then we ate cake. A photographer took my picture and a group shot for the UIC News. One of the assistant deans even came in on her day off with her husband and two kids just to witness this spectacle and give me a box of incredible chocolates. I wish I had pictures of this bizarre but very pleasant hour.

Lesson learned: If you work hard, someone just might give you a balloon and take your picture every couple years.

(I really did enjoy my co-workers' show of appreciation but couldn't help making that last obvious joke.)


Caleb said...

Congratulations, but I thought WOW awards were for Christian music.

The Tricyclist said...

Dove awards are for Christian music, but there was a series of cd's called WOW that featured the top Christian pop songs by various artists. I used to own at least 3. Now I a noncommital athiest. What does this mean? Only you can decide.

Good job, Angela! That's funny how it happened right after your big venting-stress post. Do you think someone in your office reads your blog? Anyway, I hope that if anyone tries to bug you for stupid reasons now, you can show them your WOW award and tell them you clearly have more important things to do.