Thursday, September 28, 2006

Has anyone noticed...

that we need to post more often?

Will do soon. In the meantime, quick update:
1 - I'm doing a master's in Linguistics and ESL/EFL. It's fun and I'm doing take-home essay exams for the next three weeks.
2 - Lily crawls. Holy cow! Bung-oh! Tally-hoo!
3 - Oli might get a filming job through Cassie Hatzfeld. Wow!
4 - We want to go see the movie Jesus Camp on Friday with Colin, but can't find a babysitter. Movie's at 9:45 pm. Any takers?
5 - Oli finishes his Rape Victim Advocates training this Saturday. Congratulations to the best British Rape Victim Advocate in Illinois, maybe even in Chicago.
6 - We are waiting for Oli's permanent residence to come through so we can buy our tickets to England/Spain for the holiday season. Two weeks of Euro vacation, are you in our future?
7 - Our car pipe was fixed. Then we got a flat tire and replaced all of our tires. Seriously considering going the Igo ( way.
8 - Planning a trip to Urbana to visit the Hughes Taylor family for the weekend of Oct 21. Autumnal small-town America is nice.



Sam said...

About time too! This'll keep us going for now, but we want more!

katie said...

hey there, you Nick and I would love to babysit (well, maybe just me) I can't believe she's crawling!

The Tricyclist said...

first of all, please pass along my congrats to lily on her accomplishment. now the fun begins!

wow. i had no idea you guys were so busy. that is a lot of stuff for one little family. sounds like you're doing great. thanks for the update.