Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring break

The toe nail didn't fall off but it's still purple. I thought I'd continue with spring league anyway since half our team couldn't attend this week. With no subs we were losing about 6-1 in our first game of the day. I'd just made a nice cut into the end zone and just as I prepared to launch myself into the path of the oncoming disc, a catch that would have surely been a turning point in the game, my marker struck me down with a well-placed foot, turning my ankle over, crunching it, then throwing me helpless on to the cold cold and unforgiving earth. Out of the game, without health insurance and unable to walk down the aisle Angela now has an invalid and infant to care for. I just hope the ankle gets better fastly.

I know my foot looks long and strange anyway, but observe the two englarged areas at the back, above the heel. They'll be purple soon too.

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