Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nipple Confusion claims another victim

We laughed when we read the breastfeeding articles that warned against Nipple Confusion. But alas, Nipple Confusion has had the last laugh:

Our baby is nipple confused.

She has realized that it is easier to suck on a bottle nipple (although this bottle brand is supposed to mimic the natural nipple!) and gets fussy when it comes time to feed from Mommy's all-natural breast. As she has suddenly hit a growth spurt, demanding almost twice as much food daily, she is ravenous most of the day. This, coupled with her confusion, has led to an angry baby.

Add in an immature digestive system that causes sleep-interupting tummy aches for Lily and a rough diaper rash last week and we have one big cry fest.

I am pumping my breasts day and night now to produce enough milk to feed this kid (from bottles only now) and am feeling much the cow.

Pray for your friends on Sawyer Avenue!

PS - We still really like Lily...especially when she is not crying.


Sam said...

I too am thrown into a state of confusion when presented with a choice of nipples. Maybe Lily and I share a special bond?

Leesh said...

Angela...CONGRATS on your beautiful baby girl! I just talked to Vicki and she shared the news! I can't wait to meet her! I have some news as well...I got engaged on are we all growing up :)Love you all!